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Science/Nature & Geography Topics
Homeschool 2004-2005

Our Goals and Resources/Materials

I wrote this page, as a rookie homeschooler to my fifth grader & Kindergartener, to share some of our academic objectives for the year along with some resources I have selected. I hope other home educating parents might pick up some valuable resources, and that they, along with our family and friends, can offer me ideas and suggestions! Please sign the guestbook, and share your tips on resources and activities.

We are committed library fanatics. I located many recommended resources, and discovered some new ones, by looking through the local libraries' on-line catalog. I included a mix of books for younger and older children, as - in most cases - I will be reading to both children together (and will often include a 2-year-old & 3-year-old as well!). Some books may be above grade level, for read-alouds or for my daughter, who reads above her grade level. I chose non-fiction books which I believed would be interesting "living books," fiction books, and picture books (both fiction and non-fiction). There is a wonderful range of interesting books, both fiction and non-fiction, reflecting true facts about the lives of animals, plants, and other living things, as well as revealing information about geography and history. In some cases, I also selected stories with anthropomorphic animals. I think all these kids of books have their place.

The specific library listings might help other families who live in the Augusta County, VA area. Unless otherwise indicated, these materials should be found in the children's section of the specified local library. Please note that I have listed only one location for each book. I looked for books in the Staunton Library first; if they were not available there I looked at the Augusta County Library, then Waynesboro, then Churchville. Some of these books may be available in more than one location. Please see the libraries' online catalogue for more information. Books that are not in your library's collection may be available through interlibrary loan (ILL). Please note that some libraries (including ours) to charge a small fee for this service.

Picture books, easy readers, and fiction (such as chapter books) are alphabetized by author. For non-fiction, I included call numbers. Of course, these numbers can also be used to help locate sources in other libraries.

I have not yet seen most of these resources. Therefore, in most cases, they are not really recommendations, just ideas. Of course, each family should preview these and any other materials to select those which fit with their individual educational goals and values. Some books on this list may contain ideas, such as Evolutionary Theory, which are incompatible with some families' beliefs. In have tried to include brief annotations which make it clear when this content is included.

As the year goes on, I will prune this list, add new resources, and include annotations or reviews to many titles. I hope this page will become progressively more helpful to other families. Please share any suggestions!

Books and Other Resources Listed on this Page:

Geography & Social Studies for my Kindergartener
Scientific Thinking
Life Science
Basic Knowledge About Trees & Other Plants
Basic Knowledge About Animals
The Human Body
General Understanding of Ecology
Exploring Magnets
Exploring Shadows
Basic Understanding of Atoms
The 3 States of Matter
Exploring Electricity
Seasons & Weather
The Solar System & the Universe
Basic Knowledge About Earth Science
Ancient History
The Five Kingdoms of Life
The Animal Kingdom
Classifying Plants

Science and Social Studies Objectives: James (almost 6; Kindergarten)

Science and Social Studies Objectives: Sarah (age 10; Grade 5)

Help James learn and explore the areas listed above, and: